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Wouldn't life be easier if koi could talk?

Unfortunately they an’t and so it is up to us as responsible fish keepers to be vigilant and look for signs when things aren't right.  Is something not quite right?  

Warning signs that there may be something wrong in your pond are:

Fish not eating

Fish hanging at top of the pond

Fish sitting at the bottom of the pond

Fish harming under waterfall or pond returns

Fish laying on side / not swimming

Marks on fish - either holes, swelling or lumps

Fish look milky or excessively slimy

Fish are rubbing on pond/pumps/rocks/drains

Fish are jumping

And so on...

What can you do?

It is imperative that you act as soon as you think something is wrong but DON'T be tempted to assume you can fix

with a general treatment in the pond. You may make the situation worse!

TEST YOUR WATER first for any traces of ammonia or nitrite and check the ph level. This is the biggest cause of

fish problems! If your water parameters are not normal then CALL FOR MORE ADVICE. There are many causes of poor water quality which can be cured with good advioe. It is important to remember though that:

CLARITY is not the same as QUALITY

So clear water does not automatically make your pond safe for your fish.

SEEK ADVICE. It is really important to seek professional advice at this point as fish can be affected by parasites and

bacteria in the pond and there are different treatments suitable for different situations. Most Parasites can only be

identified using a microscope as they are so small they cannot be seen with the naked eye. Certain bacterial

infections require only the treatment of that individual fish and not the whole pond. In most cases it is important to

see the problem first hand and so we may ask you to bring the fish to see us or arrarrge avisit.

We are BIO-SECURE and so all we ask is that you leave your sick fish and water samples at the front door and seek a member of staff for assistance.

We stock quality medications we use ourselves from branded manufacturers such as:

Lincolnshire Fish Health                     Kusuri Products