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As you pull onto the car park at Sookholme Koi you will be forgiven for believing this to be just an ordinary house with a pond in the front garden. Don’t be put off though because as you pass through the entrance and onto the rear of the property you’ll realise that there is so much more to offer. This is where you can purchase any of our quality Japanese Koi. We stock all varieties from 3” upwards housed in a number of tanks from 250 gallons to 8500 gallons. We are totally Bio-secure and have been for many years now and we are proud to be the first establishment in the country to be inspected by Dr Paula Reynolds and accredited Full Bio-secure status. Every Koi we sell goes through a thorough quarantine procedure and we choose the farms where we purchase our koi from very carefully. This ensures we can confidently sell good quality, healthy koi. This aside, we would always recommend that you quarantine your own koi purchases to safeguard your own koi stocks.

Everyone is welcome to browse around the Sookholme Koi shop where you will find everything that you will need to equip a quality Koi pond. Whether it’s a filter or just a fitting you need you can find it in our well stocked shop. All our prices are reasonable and if there is something you can't find then we can generally order it within a few days. Due to the limitations on space at our premises we try to stock only the products we ourselves have tried and tested this way we can ensure we are selling them with confidence.

We sell top selling brands such as Medicarp, Nobori, Nishikoi, Oase, Yamitsu and more and we are agents for

Lincolnshire Fish health Products

Kusuri Products



As always we offer advice to any customers old and new whether you are looking to build a new pond or renovate an existing come and have a chat over a coffee. We are only too happy to help.