The heart of any successful pond is a good filter and when setting up a pond it is essential you consider the following important factors:

  • Size of pond – this needs to be measured accurately including filters
  • Stocking Density – how many fish you want but don’t forget Koi do grow and be realistic. A Good guide is 50″ per 1000 gallons but this does depend on the quality of your filter.
  • Ease of maintenance – do you really want to spend all your leisure time cleaning your filter?
  • Location and size of filter – this does vary with different systems so leave enough room.
  • Cost – a good filter is not cheap! You generally get what you pay for and if your budget is not big enough then build a smaller pond. Don’t scrimp on the size of your filter.

There are hundreds of different filters and you will get various opinions as to whether some are better than others. At Sookholme Koi we only sell filters we have tried and tested, and we are confident they are big enough to do the job sufficiently.

Get it right first time – it saves a lot of hassle and money!

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